Shrubs in Contemporary Culinary Culture

A culinary shrub is a delicious, refreshing, intriguing, and versatile concentrate infused from fresh fruit, premium vinegar, and sugar. Shrubs can be used as mixers for artisan sodas, cocktails, mocktails, and all sorts of cooking applications. If you love greens steamed, simmered, or raw a splash of shrub is the perfect accent. If you are intrigued by classic French sauces from beurre blanc to bearnaise a swirl of shrub in place of regular vinegar takes your palate to a very happy place. Swirl some into a cup of hot or iced tea. And if you're a parent looking for a way to wean your kids off sugary drinks, whip up a shrub as a replacement for lemonade or uber-juicy juices. As they say on the info-mercials, "Millions of handy uses!"

While shrubs have been imbibed for centuries (the word comes from the same root which gave birth to the words sherbet and syrup), they are just now working their way into the contemporary culinary scene. Our cold process method requires time, patience, and almost vintner-like sensitivity to balancing flavors. When properly blended, there's a satisfying tartness contributed by the vinegar, softness from the fruit. During the time it takes for our shrubs to mature, the infusions are transformed into a sum of all the ingredients. Salut!

Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 03/09/2017