Chocolate Dipped Peaches

It's peach season! The town I live in is adjacent to a huge peach-producing area in Colorado, so peaches are a big deal here. There is a certain peach stand/street vendor that always sets up shop in the Rite-Aid parking lot and sells giant boxes of peaches for $10! I always get so excited for all things peaches and the peach-inspired recipes that come with this fruit.

To start my peach season recipes I decided to do a simple frozen peach dessert of chocolate-dipped peaches. It's super easy and a guilt-free dessert.

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Cut up all your peaches.

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second increments. I used dark chocolate chips!

Dip peaches in the melted chocolate and place on a parchment-lined plate or tray.

I decided to sprinkle half with chopped up coconut flakes. Pop them in the freezer for at least an hour. After about 5 minutes of thawing, they are ready to enjoy! Yum!

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