Finally, after two weeks absent, Sassy John has returned. I know, you...

Finally, after two weeks absent, Sassy John has returned. I know, you all missed me.

This week is the week of deadlines. I have absolutely no time (NO TIME)! I have to finish applying final edits, format the crap out of the manuscript and upload the whole thing before midnight. Yes, you read that correctly, before midnight TONIGHT. "But, SJ," you might say, "formatting takes hours." Yep. "But, SJ, have you budgeted for the time it will take for you to cry and sob over your laptop?" Shut up. "But, SJ," you'll undoubtedly continue because you missed the look of murder in my eyes, "doesn't that step usually require you to swear and throw embarrassing tantrums? Can you do all that before midnight?"

Seriously, stop talking.

It's fine. I got this. And if I don't, I will go to Kindle jail. And I will probably lose the tiny little fanbase that I have. I refuse to let you down. I WILL get this finished in time. And here's the best part I freaking love this story. I think it's beautiful. I really hope all y'all agree.

So I'm consuming coffee whole-sale and listening to 311. Because, yes, that's why. By the way, 311's cover of Love Song is amazing. I'm sorry, I mean, The Cure did all right, but Tim Mahoney is un-freaking-believable.

Speaking of guitarists who make me swooney, Pat Smear, amirite? That guy is weirdly adorable, but when he's on stage Yowzas. Someone mentioned to me the other day they thought Lindsey Buckingham was unappreciated. I was a little confused. My first reaction was, "Show me this atrocity and I will kill it!" But then I realized that not everyone lives in the world I do. I'm surrounded by fantastic music and I'm a complete and total nerd about it. If I like it, I learn about it, the more I learn, the more I love it. (Which is why Creed and Nickleback aren't allowed in my house. Seriously, don't test me.)

Also, Cap totally stole my Tom Petty CD. I wanted to listen to it, as I do on days that end in "y", and it was missing! After my impromptu panic attack (it wasn't that bad, no lactating), I had to settle for the small selection I have on my phone. Which was fine, and I supplemented with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So I was okay. Cap confessed when he got home that he took my CD (in CLEAR daylight!). At least I know it's safe. And my man is not only handsome, but he listens to good music.

Where was I going with this? Oh right.

Life is too short to listen to bad music. I mean it. It's also too short to watch bad movie and read bad books. I finally watched Stranger Than Fiction and my life is better for it. I may write an entire post on that alone. Next week of course when I have nothing else going on. And I need to read Mycroft's newest gorgeousness, and Sherlock's revised edition of Alice. Plus, Bria has a new one that I NEED to read. Like, yesterday. And I'm hoping there will be a brand new nugget in my inbox soon from someone who I hope I'll be able to share with y'all eventually. I figured out why I love betaing for people. No spoilers. Seriously, I hate spoilers, they ruin it for me. I like to get lost in the story and not have one freaking clue what's going on. Love. It. The only way to make sure there are no spoilers is to be one of the first in line to read that shit. I will always volunteer as tribute, Especially to those whose writing makes me weep and strive to be a better writer myself (ahem, Laura and Kellcie).

This blog has absolutely no structure to it at all, I blame the amount of coffee I've ingested and my lack of sleep. Because for real, last night I lay awake while my butt had an anxiety attack. That's the only thing that even comes close to explaining what it was doing.

Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 04/16/2017