Involvement is the key to throwing a good party, period.

Involvement is the key to throwing a good party, period. Parties that stand out in your guests minds are those at which they got to participate in the event.Coming up with activities that will involve them isn't always so easy, but we have a great idea for you. We all love a little DIY, so why not try your hand at rolling sushi! A sushi rolling party involves everyone and let's them try something out of their normal comfort zone and get creative.

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A sushi party is best to do with smaller groups, as sushi is considered a communal, yet intimate dining occasion.Invite 6 12 or so of your closest friends and get the party started. This is also a great party for couples, because sometimes it takes teamwork to get everything right.

Getting all of the supplies and materials together isn't as difficult as you would think. Most of these ingredients can be found at your local farmers market, local asian restaurant, or even at Kroger. Here are your steps to get your party going:

1) Use a table that is low to the ground, like a coffee table or two.

2) Provide pillows as chairs.

3) For each person, set out a large plate, a small plate such as a saucer, a steamed facecloth and chopsticks.

4) Set out two to three plates of prepared wasabi and vinegared ginger.

5) Provide one or two bottles of soy sauce (we prefer low sodium soy, generally with a green top).

6) Get your protein ready. You will want to cut your sashimi, or raw fish, into small slices. Fresh selections of fish can usually be found at your local supermarket. Our favorites are tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and crab. If you are worried about working with the raw fish, boiled ortempura shrimp or fish can be used as protein fillers as well. Remember, you can never undercook fish.

7) Provide other fillings, such as cucumber slices, avocado slices, bell pepper, cream cheese, and crunchies.

8) Cut nori (seaweed) into 4-by-4-inch squares and stack onto two plates.

9) Provide shari (sushi rice) in a large wooden bowl.

10) Pass around the nori, rice and fish and haveeach person assemble his or her own sushi rolls

11) Great side dishes to offer with your sushi rolls are pork gyoza (steamed dumplings), edamame, and miso soup. These really finish off your asian experience.

12) Don't forget the sake and Japanese beer. Our favorite beer is Sapporo.

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