The relationship between a culture and it's food is known as Gastronomy....

The relationship between a culture and it's food is known as Gastronomy. Gastronomy takes a look at the cultural events and social aspects that are centered on the culinary delights of an individual community.

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In Gastronomy, the researcher takes part in experiencing the tastes, smells and sights of cultural foods, as well as the song and dance, the festivities and rituals that embrace them.

For one to truly appreciate the cultural tastes of a community, one must immerse themselves in the traditions and form a relationship with the whole surroundings. This not only includes the food, but the wine, the dance and the song.

Valencia is a culture rich in traditional foods that have a deep history within the Valencian community. Valencia celebrates many Fiestas throughout the year, most of which involve the preparation of special dishes and include song and dance.

When visiting Valencia you should endeavor to take part in on of the many local festivities. You should also visit one of Valencias fine restaurants to experience the true flavors of Valencia and Spain.

One of the most famous dishes that you will see in Valencia is the Paella dish. Paella is a delicious combination of rice, seafood, or chicken & vegetables, mixed with special spices and herbs.

The special thing about Paella is that it is not only filling, but that it symbolizes the flavors of Valencia, although often varying slightly in taste between the different provinces.

Another famous Valencian dish is Arroz Banda , a dish consisting of fresh fish and rice cooked separately and adorned with garlic and oil. Arroz Banda is a simple dish, yet the flavors of the fresh fish cooked in garlic will make your mouth water and wanting more.

All hot meals are usually cooked in traditional earthenware dishes, which are then placed on the table, which guests can then help themselves. Meals are often served with some of Valencias fine wine, water, or other drinks.

Valencia is also well known for it's bakery sweets and breads. Valencia has it's own style of doughnuts, coconut cakes and turnovers. Valencia has a range of toasted breads for breakfast and which come in many sizes and shapes.

A traditional Valencian drink, often served as a refreshment, is known as a horchata, which is a made from almonds. You might also like to try an Agua de Valencia, which is a combination of Cava (wine) and orange juice, squeezed from local Valencian oranges.

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